1. Video recap of our live performances at the Spring 2014 sharing at Dream yard Art Center in conjunction with the Fashion class!


  2. Beat Yard Mixtape Vol. 2 (2014)


  3. Spring Session: Week 10 5/13

    Beat Yard + Fashion Sharing May 13, 2014

    We made it! In the weeks leading up to the sharing we finished our arrangement, mixed our songs and practiced our live performance during class and in Open Studio. During the sharing some of us performed our songs from beginning to end while some decided to remix it on the fly and play a different version. We also DJ’ed during the runway show and afterwards. It was an amazing afternoon and we want to thank everyone at Dream Yard who made this event possible. Also big props to everyone in the class who put in all their energies, time and talent into creating these awesome songs. We’ll see you next year!


  4. David playing his original song that he wrote on his bass and then he arranged in Ableton Live 9! Angélica Negrón joined him on the violin for a little bit! Expect the fully completed and mixed version of this song pretty soon!


  5. Spring Session: Week 7 4/22

    This week we had a visit from composer/performer/educator Angélica Negrón. She’s plays in different bands (Balún, Angelica Negron y Los Objetos Maravillosos, Peptalk) and she is a featured Ableton artist. Angelica came by to talk about her work, how important is to listen to feedback from others and to check out our songs!

    We had a lot of fun asking her questions, listening to her advice and some of us (like David) even jammed out with her playing original music as she brought her violin. We also kept working on our song arrangement so we could be ready for our next step: mixing!


  6. Spring Session: Week 6 4/8

    Getting closer to our goal! This week we learned how to take our clips, put the into scenes and start arranging them in the arrangement view so that we can build our song.

    We also talked about how the music industry works in very basic terms. What is a publisher? What are royalties? What is a producer compared to a songwriter? What is their cut from sales and royalties? How do you protect your work?

    With this information we played the “guess how many songwriters” game, where we tried to guess how many songwriters are behind recent hit songs. 


  7. Spring Session: Week 5 4/1

    This week we kept working on our song and we introduced a rubric system so that everyone could give each other useful feedback. Part of being a musician is being open to suggestions and ideas from fellow musicians.

    We also started thinking about our live performance and how we could play back our songs using a Novation Launchpad controller.

    This same week we learned the sad news of the passing of the godfather of house and Bronx-born Frankie Knuckles so Jesmery gave a presentation of his work. Here’s one of most famous tracks:


  8. Spring Session: Week 4 3/25

    This week we went to the DreamYard recording studio and we recorded some audio to use in a collaborative song. We also learned about digital audio signal flow (aka how you get audio into a computer) and how this works in our recording studio and with our mobile audio interfaces.

    Listen to what we did!


  9. Spring Session: Week 3 3/18

    This week we learned about rhythm and how this helps us understand better MIDI clips when programming our drum patterns.

    We also started working on our original drum patterns to add to our song!