2. Spring Session: Week 2 3/11/14

    This week we learned how to write melodies using MIDI clips! We wrote one original melody and then we did different variations of them. This is a way to create material for your song without having to write a lot of different sections.


  3. Spring Week 1

    This week we had a visit from 8bitpeoples recording artist and Blip Festival co-founder Minusbaby! He’s a NYC native who’s helped put out the chiptune music scene to the rest of the world. He came by to show us his music and to talk about his career.

    Minusbaby Official Website http://minusbaby.com/music/news

    Minusbaby Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/minusbaby

    We worked on Live 9 to make our first attempt at a verse and a chorus. We used loops from different Live 9 packs.

    Check out what we did!


  4. Winter Session: Week 4


  5. Winter Session Week 4

    This week we started our process of working on our first song. You can’t start a song out of the blue, sometimes you need inspiration to get there! We created our own mood boards to visually describe the feeling or the kind of song we would like to make.


  6. Winter Session: Week 2

    This week we started working with Ableton Live 9! We first learned how to trigger loops and combine them using the Launchpad app on the iPad and then we went on to Live 9 to try and recreate what we did!

    We worked on picking loops, triggering them and combining them on Ableton Live using the performance view. Just a little taste of what we can do with Ableton Live.


  7. Fall 2013 Week 5


  8. Fall 2013 Week 4 (audio editing)


  9. Fall 2013 Week 3 (Mashups)


  10. Beat Yard Fall 2013 Week 2